Min Su Chao, the last defendant in an international sex trafficking case, was convicted by a Manhattan Federal Court Monday.

Chao is the 17th and last member of the international sex trafficking ring that was operating a network of brothels in the Koreatown section of Manhattan masqueraded as massage parlors.

She used to induce or entice women and girls to travel across the state borders to bring them into flash trade.

The conviction of Min Su Cho closes a chapter in the prosecution of those responsible for a vast, international sex trafficking ring that exploited countless women. This guilty verdict also sends a clear message to others engaging in similar conduct that they will be punished, said Preet Bharara, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Chao was a broker who supplied women to brothels from New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Korea. She used to receive anywhere from $200 to $500 from both the prostitutes and the brothel owners for establishing connections between them.

She faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. Her sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 15.