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Sony's PS4 pre-orders are outnumbering Microsoft's Xbox One pre-orders by 2-to-1, according to a report by GameZone. This data comes courtesy of a GameStop rep who spoke with GameZone.

It's unclear whether the comment offered by the GameStop rep pertained merely to a single store, or whether that pre-order ratio is a company-wide trend.

Either way, this news doesn't surprise us, considering that the PS4 is cheaper and more consumer friendly (no used game restrictions or online checking, unlike Xbox One).

It's still early, and we agree with Microsoft exec Phil Spencer when he said that "this isn't a sprint" and "the reaction, I think, is complete when the product is on the shelf." In fact, we take it even further than that. Like any player transaction in any sport, we can't properly determine a victory in the PS4 vs. Xbox One battle until 2-5 years after both consoles are released. Between now and then, we could see killer exclusive games, peripherals or revamped versions of the consoles themselves that may tip the scales in either the PS4's or Xbox One's favor. To this point though, the PS4 does seem to have a sizable lead on its Microsoft-branded competitor.

We've reached out to both GameStop and Amazon regarding pre-order data for both the PS4 and the Xbox One. We will update you if we receive any additional information.

What do you think of PS4 pre-orders beating Xbox One pre-orders 2-to-1 at GameStop? Do you think that the data refers to a single store or the entire company and why? What do you think of the PS4 and Xbox One overall? Which next-gen console will you be getting and why? Sound off in the comments below.