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Colin Sebastian of financial analysis firm Robert W. Baird predicts that both consoles could experience shortages, citing the "complexity" of coordinating console releases, according to GameSpot.

He also had this to say regarding possible PS4 and Xbox One shortages: "This also partly explains why the manufacturers have been somewhat judicious in allocating presale units to retailers: so that there won't be a lot of unhappy customers from day one," Sebastian said.

Sebastian may partly be referring to an alleged memo that Sony sent to GameStop, authorizing the retailer to offer unlimited PS4 pre-orders to consumers beyond approved allotments at the time. Sebastian goes on to say that whichever console launches first will enjoy an initial surge of momentum, comparing a console launch to a "red carpet moment."

We're already seeing shortages though. Five out of six PS4 bundles offered on Amazon are sold out. The PS4 is sold out at GameStop as of this writing as well.

The PS4 is slated to be released this holiday sesaon, while Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will launch this November.

When do you think the PS4 and the Xbox One will be released and why? Do you think either or both the PS4 and Xbox One will launch before Black Friday? Have you preordered the PS4 or the Xbox One? Why or why not? What's the most you would be willing to pay for either console on eBay? Sound off in the comments below.