Royal fans react to claims that Queen Elizabeth II will be taking away Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s privileges.

A snap of a tabloid with a headline that read “Meghan & Harry Quit Royal Family! Her Majesty takes away TITLES, HOMES & $15M ALLOWANCE!” was shared on Twitter. Royal fans reacted to the photo with some saying that they were not buying it because it was not true.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been plagued with various controversies. Many criticized them for taking four private flights in 11 days. Some slammed them for their obsession with privacy. And just recently, critics threw shade at the couple when they got candid during their interview. 

Prince Harry and Markle’s fans were convinced that there were a lot of false reports about the couple, so they didn’t believe them. However, others insisted that the report was true and it was published.

“It’s been reported by 3 reputable Canadian papers also. I think BP is trying to handle this as quickly and privately as possible, so I think it may be true. Who knows?” one netizen commented.


“For those saying this was made up using software--it was in the grocery store state side. sorry to disappoint. Along with some other mags with similar headlines,” a different netizen added.

Meanwhile, another social media user said that she wished the report was true, but she would not believe it unless the parliament or Buckingham Palace announced it like Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s split.

Another online user on Quora alleged that Prince Harry and Markle have already started their trial separation. The couple is reportedly splitting due to unreasonable demands and unpopularity of one of the parties.

Prince Harry will move to Kensington Palace while Markle will remain isolated at Frogmore Cottage. The same insider continued saying that Markle would receive cash and it was “sadly true” before adding that she hoped things would work out between the couple.

A different source told Us Weekly that Prince Harry and Markle were exhausted after welcoming their son, Archie. The couple reportedly bicker over small things. However, with their six-week vacation coming up, Prince Harry and Markle plan to focus on their relationship since they have gone through a lot in the past months.