•  "The Queen's Gambit" has become the most-watched scripted limited series on Netflix
  • The streaming giant revealed that 62 million subscribers watched the series in its first 28 days
  • "The Queen's Gambit" currently holds a perfect score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

"The Queen's Gambit," a period chess drama from Netflix, has achieved the monument feat of being the most-watched scripted limited series on the streaming service.

The streamer says 62 million subscribers tuned in to see the hit series in its first 28 days. The streaming service confirmed the numbers via a tweet on its official Twitter account. Netflix also claimed that the show made it to the streamer's top 10 list in almost 92 countries since its release and secured the top spot in 63 countries, including the U.S., Israel, Russia, and Argentina, Variety has learned.

Speaking about the project's monumental run on Netflix, Scott Frank, co-creator and director, told The Hollywood Reporter that he is really "delighted" to see the response and never imagined that the series would be viewed by so many people.

He also expressed gratitude toward the cast, especially to Anya Taylor-Joy, and the crew members for making the show look so amazing.

"I am both delighted and dazed by the response. It's just all way beyond what any of us could have imagined. But speaking for my fellow producers and the entire cast and crew of the show, every one of whom made me look better than I actually am, we are most grateful that so many took the time to watch our show. And we all look forward to bringing you our Yahtzee limited series next," THR quoted Frank, as saying.

"The Queen's Gambit," which is based on Walter Tevis' novel of the same name, chronicles the journey of Beth Harmon (played by Taylor-Joy), a young orphan who reveals a staggering talent for chess and starts an unlikely journey to become one of the best players while battling addiction.

The "Split" star recently revealed that it was really fascinating for her to know about the game of chess. She also admitted that she had never played the game prior to taking part in the series.

"It sounds strange, but I felt a great deal of responsibility to the chess community to tell the story correctly, and to really be able to embody that character," Screen Rant quoted Taylor-Joy, as saying.

Apart from achieving viewership records, the show also garnered universal acclaim from the critics as well and currently holds a perfect rating of 100% on review site Rotten Tomatoes.

The show is also being considered as the fronrunner for next year's Primetime Emmys.

Queen's Gambit
Anya Taylor-Joy stars in Netflix's "The Queen's Gambit." The Queen's Gambit/Netflix