• A Black Uber driver encountered a racist passenger while on the job
  • A video of the passenger verbally attacking the driver was captured from an apartment window
  • The racist passenger has been banned from using the ride-sharing app

A white woman from Washington D.C. subjected her Uber driver to a racist tirade. A video of the encounter has been shared online, evoking angry comments among social media users.

The footage of the woman verbally attacking the Black driver was captured Wednesday morning from an apartment window in D.C.'s Cathedral Heights neighborhood, NBC4 reported.

The woman on the street below was hurling the N-word at the driver who was standing right in front of her, the video uploaded on Twitter showed.

She made use of profane language in addition to racist slurs, and at one point told the driver, "I'm your boss, get out of my face!" according to the outlet.

The driver reportedly told the person who captured the video what enraged the woman. He said she wanted to use a phone charger, and when she couldn't, she got angry.

The driver pulled over to the side and ended the trip as things got heated. This agitated the woman further, and thus began the racist tirade.

The woman was heard calling the driver the N-word more than seven times. She then referred to him as a "slave" after the driver, who seemed fed up by the rant, called her a "b--ch."

"I mean I wanted to make sure that this guy was safe and I think it's important to capture when people are acting that way and honestly to check others," the person who took the video, identified by the name Alex, said, as per the outlet.

No one was hurt in the incident, but the woman was seen hitting the driver before she took off from the scene.

Uber has banned the woman from using the ride-sharing app, WTOP reported.

"The behavior seen in the video is sickening and has no place on the Uber platform or anywhere in society," a spokesperson from Uber said, according to the outlet.

The driver did not file a police report but D.C. cops from the 2nd District interviewed him about the incident.

Speaking of racist customers, a client demanded a refund from a business owner after discovering she was Black. "Can you please cancel my order? Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that you're a person of color and I just don't like to support small business[es] that do not [align] with my version of support," the client reportedly wrote in the email to the owner. The client further opined that the owner's race should have been clearly mentioned in the "About the Owner" section of the business' website.

The prosecution of a former head of security at Uber for his handling of a massive hack has others in the industry worried about being held personally accountable for decisions made on the job.