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The Tampa Bay Rays have added Zach Eflin to their rotation, signing him to a lucrative three-year deal. Mark Blinch/Getty Images


  • The Rays have reportedly signed Zach Elfin to a three-year deal
  • Eflin signing likely takes out Rays in the race for services of Jacob deGrom
  • Eflin is expected to be part of the Rays' rotation and may get chance to be a starter again

The Tampa Bay Rays have reportedly signed Zach Eflin to a three-year deal worth $40 million, allegedly the largest package in the team's history.

Although word of the Eflin deal has come out from various outlets, it has yet to be confirmed.

But once it is confirmed, it would be a brand new ballgame for the 28-year-old pitcher who spent the last seven seasons with the Phillies.

Eflin was a starter throughout his MLB career although he spent the majority of his time last season in the bullpen due to a knee injury.

He returned in September, but the Florida native struggled back to form and recoup his starting position.

The $40 million guarantee is reportedly the largest one given to a free agent signed by another team in Rays' history.

Others Rays players have had close to similar deals in the past including Wilson Alvarez ($35 million – 5 years), Greg Vaughn ($34 million – 4 years), and Charlie Morton ($30 million – 2 years).

The impending signing of Eflin is also expected to fill the void left by Corey Kluber in Tampa Bay's rotation.

He is expected to be part of the rotation that includes lefties such as Shane McClanahan and Jeffrey Springs, as well as righties like Tyler Glasnow and Drew Rasmussen.

Last MLB season, Eflin threw 75 2/3 innings with a 4.04 ERA around injuries.

He has been known to be an average league starter in the past seasons although he has shown a knack to pitch at a higher level on several occasions.

Eflin was ranked the 22nd-best free agent this season by R.J. Anderson of CBS Sports.

This development comes not long after the Rays were linked to a renewed push for another high-profile free agent in the form of Jacob deGrom.

It would be the second time that Tampa Bay would try to pursue the four-time All-Star.

Andy Martino of SNY claims that the camp of deGrom met with the Rays. However, it would take a huge offer to seal the deal–bigger than the $150 million pitch they gave to Freddie Freeman.

There is no telling if the Rays can succeed in their pursuit. The MLB team has never carried a payroll of $100 million, meaning they will be intently dealing with big free agents.

Adding the fact that deGrom is seeking a deal that would make him the highest-paid pitcher in the MLB, the Rays' chance of signing him does not look promising.

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The Tampa Bay Rays may have just closed the book on Jacob deGrom following the signing of Zach Eflin. Jim McIsaac/Getty Images