Elvis and Priscilla
A Swedish woman has sued Elvis Presley's estate, claiming to be the real child of the King of Rock and Priscilla Presley. Reuters

A Swedish woman claiming to be Elvis Presley's real daughter has sued the King of Rock and Roll's estate in a Tennessee federal court, claiming more than $130 million in damages.

Lisa Johansen has spent the better part of two decades claiming her identity was stolen by Lisa Marie Presley, and is suing for damages caused by defamation and emotional distress. In 1998, she published a highly-anticipated memoir, I, Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley's Real Daughter. The Swede claimed Priscilla Presley fled America after Elvis' death, giving birth overseas.

Her highly contentious claims may soon be settled. Johansen reportedly took a DNA test in London last year, and included the results in the documents she submitted for the lawsuit.

The book was a commercial dud, after Johansen refused to take a DNA test to prove her claims. Her publisher then sued her for $50 million, claiming she damaged sales of the book.

After falling back into obscurity, she appeared at Graceland on the anniversary of Elvis' death. The Presley family sent Johansen's representatives a warning letter, claiming it will take action if the Swede didn't restrain herself. Her countersuit, Johansen v. Presley in the docket, is a response to the warning.