When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, she reportedly hoped her addition to the royal family would help modernize the monarchy. Although she has been met with opposition from those who value tradition like Queen Elizabeth, the Duchess of Sussex receives unwavering support from her husband.

Meghan, who was born in California and starred on the USA series “Suits,” is still adjusting to her new life in the royal family. Although some of her attempts to change tradition may have gone against royal protocol, Harry has remained by his wife’s side.

During a chat with “Today,” commentator Keir Simmons revealed Meghan has “ruffled feathers” since joining the royal family.

“Harry is her biggest supporter. She’s lucky to have Harry because he’s stubborn and won’t have people tell him what to do. He knows those palaces very well and he knows what the dangers are,” Simmons shared.

While Meghan’s decision to disregard royal traditions have offended others, the commentator praised the 37-year-old for her bravery.

“I think she’s amazing. I don’t think she’s perfect. I think she is a very ambitious American woman who’ll be shaking the corridors – the cobwebbed corridors – of those Royal palaces,” Simmons said.

“Keep in mind, she swooped into Britain and married the most eligible bachelor in Britain so there’s a lot of jealousy.”

Simmons claims, when Meghan married Harry, she was expected to fall in line and do what she was told. However, there have been times when the Duchess of Sussex has challenged tradition and reportedly upset Queen Elizabeth.

Despite some opposition, Meghan and Prince Harry have managed to make some changes that don’t necessarily follow royal protocol, like moving away from a royal residence and keeping details about their baby’s birth private.

Unlike past royal births, which were announced shortly after the baby’s birth, when Meghan delivers her and Harry’s first child, it could be days or weeks before they chose to share the news with the public.