There once was a man, and all he ever wanted was a meal from Red Lobster for his birthday. The man couldn't get that meal. His name was Robert Mills.

In a Facebook status update, Mills wrote the following:

today is my BIRTHDAY I'm 56 I don't have very many birthdays left. I am so POOR I cannot afford to go to eat at Redding Calif. red lobster. I signed up for fresh catch club HOPING to get something for my birthday all I got was $5 off 2 adult entrees I am POOR I cannot afford $100 to eat at a red lobster restaurant. (I Know I'm a nobody) but the least DARDEN FOOD Enterprises could do is offer free adult entrée for my Birthday. Red Robin gives free burgers.. Hometown Buffet gives free meals. HOP gives free breakfast on your birthday.. I guess red lobster is far too Expensive to give out 1 free entrée for someone's birthday. guess I'm just a NOBODY on my birthday. [sic]

Mills was wrong. He was somebody, and Buzzfeed, the popular viral trend-setting Web site, set out to prove that he was somebody. They created an online campaign to help Robert Mills get a free meal for his birthday.

After America spammed the walls of the Red Lobster site, the company finally gave in. In a blog post on the official Red Lobster Facebook page, the company said the following:

We hear you loud and clear, Robster supporters. We're exciting to say Robert will be enjoying a delicious birthday meal on us. 'Like this post to wish him a Happy Birthday!

And everyone lived happily ever after.