Mary will continue to go head-to-head with Queen Catherine in episode 10 of "Reign." CW

“Reign’s” return on Thursday means some royal drama in the French castle! A new sneak peek video (that’s a whopping two minutes long) previews some of the struggles that lie ahead for Mary, Queen of Scots, as she deals not only with Nostradamus’ prophecy, but the untimely death of her friend, Aylee.

As we previously reported, the midseason premiere will initially find Mary and Bash on the run from the castle (and their troubles). But their time on the road will be brief, and the pair will be forced to return and face their angry families.

The main obstacle for both Mary and Bash? Francis.

Mary’s fiancé and Bash’s half-brother will feel betrayed by the two … despite learning about Nostradamus’ prophecy. And even though Mary was fleeing in order to save Francis from an early death, the future king of France cares not about what Nostradamus predicts. Instead he’s more determined than ever to wed Mary. But the new question is if he wants the marriage because he loves Mary, or because he wants to keep Mary and Bash away from each other.

Whatever Francis’ feelings may be, Mary must also face the wrath of his mother Catherine – who plans on saving her son and destroying the future queen at any cast. The sneak peek video from episode 9, “For King and Country,” highlights what appears to be Mary and Catherine’s first face-to-face meeting after Mary’s departure … and it’s pretty ugly.

“Did you poison Aylee?” Mary demands to know as she bursts into Catherine’s chambers. “Yes or no.”

“How dare you burst in here after the stunt you just pulled,” Catherine fires back while ignoring Mary’s question. But Mary is persistent.

“Of course not,” Catherine finally answers. “I had nothing but fondness for Aylee.”

But there is no denying that Catherine is not fond of Kenna … and that’s who the poison was intended for. The midseason premiere, “For King And Country,” will air on the CW on Thursday at 9 p.m. EST. Watch the clip for episode 9 of “Reign” below and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming drama by sending a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.