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A writer, an author, a freelancer with writings in over 50+ niches, an editor, a proofreader, a music enthusiast, a YouTuber, a podcaster, and someone, who puts consistent efforts each day to make sure his creativity is noticed.
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He loves cryptocurrencies.

HBO To Debut Game Of Thrones NFT Collection

HBO and Warner Bros. Discovery will launch an NFT experience in partnership with Nifty's which will include various avatars inspired by the characters on television series Game of Thrones.

India Central Bank To Test CBDC On Nov. 1

The Reserve Bank of India will begin the first pilot in Digital Rupee - Retail segment (e₹-R) within a month, involving closed user groups comprising select merchants and customers.

GameStop's NFT Marketplace Is Now Live

The GameStop NFT Marketplace created in partnership with Immutable X is now live after being in a public beta phase since July and now, the platform will support NFTs minted on Ethereum.