• A video shared on Twitter showed deputies approaching the body
  • Fire crews said the river may appear to be shallow but can be dangerous 
  • Internet users left funny comments on the video

It's the hottest time of the year and people are always on the lookout for quick-cooling spots, but lounging in the middle of a river may be a bit too much.

Authorities in Oklahoma said they recently received a call about a "body in the river" but upon reaching the spot, they found a man just stretching himself in the water to beat the heat.

A clip of Tulsa fire rescue crews paddling their way to the "crime scene" was shared on Twitter Thursday and it showed the man lying on his stomach in a relaxed manner, pretty unaware of authorities approaching him. When deputies tried to check on him, he sprang up to his feet, proving he was very much alive.

"We launched a boat and discovered that the man was just laying in the water," cops said in the post, adding that pulling off this act in a shallow river can be fun but there is some degree of threat involved. "The river is low, but still potentially dangerous in areas. Please stay safe and find alternate ways to stay cool!" The post has since garnered more than 8,000 views, with over 100 likes.

The department shared the post on their Facebook page also, where it received more than 200 likes and a mix of humorous and concerned comments from internet users.

"Oh yes, so refreshing laying in water," a Facebook user wrote in his comment. "What a waste of resources and manpower. Glad he’s ok though!" said another. "Seems I see a lot of trucks responding to transients just sleeping in the grass/water/paths," a third person wrote there.

"If this doesn’t explain how life in general is at this point in the pandemic. Let me go forget my troubles in the river too," wrote one person. "Guess next time you should just start by hollering from the riverbank "Hey, are you dead?" said another.

"What a way to be awakened lol" a third user wrote in the comment section. "Quote "we've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty, " a user joked.

Representation. A river. Pixabay