Apple may rule the tablet market throughout 2012
In a new Q&A session, IHS-iSuppli analysts have suggested that tablets running Google's Android operating will continue to struggle to compete against Apple's already established iPad series in the foreseeable future. IBTimes

A research conducted by Canaccord Genuity revealed that Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market through 2012.

The research note issued by Canaccord Genuity, analyst T. Michael Walkley and his co-authors said that Apple iPad 2’s price is making it difficult for rival tablet making companies to compete in a lucrative way.

“Our checks indicate both the Motorola Xoom and RIM PlayBook have not sold well at current price points, as we believe competing tablets must sell at a substantial discount to the iPad 2,” the analysts wrote.

The research stated that Apple’s share in the tablet market is at 56 percent in 2011, which is followed by Korea-based electronics giant Samsung with 12 percent and ASUS with 5 percent. LG Electronics, Motorola and Research In Motion (RIM) have 3 percent of the market, followed by HTC with 2 percent. is yet to release its mystery tablet but the note suggested the company’s 2011 share at 5 percent. The percentages won’t change much for 2012, even though Apple loses 5 percent of its overall share to rival manufacturers.

“Given the iPad 2’s affordable prices, we believe competitors such as Motorola Mobility and RIM would have to sell their tablets at break-even or worse in order to capture stronger market share than our current estimates.” the research note added. “We also believe a Windows tablet in [the second half of 2012] could sell well, particularly to the enterprise channel.”

Samsung, ASUS, Amazon and HP are considered as the largest Android-supported threats to Apple’s reign in the tablet market, reported.