Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) may no longer exist, but the drama still does. In episode 18 of “Revenge" Season 4, Emily stirred things up after she revealed her best kept secret during last night’s installment of the hit ABC series.

“I am David Clarke’s [James Tupper] daughter. I am Amanda Clarke,” she confidently announced at the Groundbreaking Gala, shocking the Hamptons and us viewers at home. Emily’s surprising confession stemmed from the horrific accident that claimed the life of Margaux’s (Karine Vanasse) unborn baby. The two were arguing over the tarnishing of Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) name and how Em could make it right (which involved revealing her true identity), when out of nowhere a car struck Margaux.

Daniel’s baby mama told Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) that Emily had pushed her into oncoming traffic, which is when the truce between Victoria and Em came crashing down. But not even Emily’s courageous admission can rebuild the peace between the two.

According to the episode 19 synopsis, Victoria will uncover “devastating new secrets” from Emily’s past, which she’ll unveil in the forthcoming installment titled "Exposure."

“Do you have any idea what you’ve exposed me to?” Emily shouts in the tantalizing promo video. The dirt Victoria finds on her nemesis will likely ruin any possibility Em would have of having a promising future as Amanda Clarke, the summary adds.

So what kind of scoop did the vengeful Grayson matriarch come across? Well, it looks like Victoria will be tallying up all those who got burned in the process of Emily avenging her father’s name.

“She’s left quite a body count,” Victoria notes of all those who have died at the hands of Emily and her mission to avenge her dad.

Will Margaux step in and tell Victoria the truth about her accident before another life is ruined? Fans watched the journalist have a change of heart in episode 18 after she called off the hit she ordered on Emily. For those who thought the assassin looked a bit like Courtney Love, you were right! The rocker portrayed the mysterious killer White Gold in episode 18, and audiences should brace themselves for more Love cameos because the actress is set to appear in future installments due to her recurring role on the series.

“Revenge” will air episode 19, “Exposure,” on Sunday, April 12 at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.