Ready or not, here it comes! Season 4 of “Revenge” will be gracing our small screens sooner than we thought after Sallie Patrick, a writer of the hit ABC show, released a photo of the premiere script.

“It’s happening… #revenge #season4 #renaissance,” she wrote on Twitter, tagging the names of Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Nick Wechsler, Ted Sullivan, Sunil Nayar and Gabriel Mann. The psychological thriller was renewed for a fourth season on May 28, 2014, just 17 days after Season 3 concluded with a jaw-dropping finale.

But what do “Revenge” fans have to look forward to when the new season makes its debut? Well, they should count on a fresh start – or at least, that’s what the Episode 1 title suggests. The premiere episode, which was written by Sunil Nayar and Patrick, has been officially dubbed “Renaissance.”

For those not too familiar with what this 14th century term means, renaissance is a word used to describe rebirth, growth and reawakening. This is a fitting episode title considering the finale left off with the news that Emily’s father, David Clarke is in fact alive.

“The concept of bringing back David is was something that we were hoping for and working toward for a lot of last season,” Executive Producer Gretchen J. Berg said during the 2014 ATX Festival, which took place in June. “So, there were a couple things we were like, ‘Once that happens, once David Clarke comes back into our lives, there’s certain stories we can’t tell.' Since we have now started [walking down] such a new and exciting path I think everything seems so fresh.”

Berg explained the resurrection of Emily’s father was almost like growing a tree. “It was something that went on and on,” she said, correlating the Season 4 premiere episode title with the plot.

“It’s hard to introduce new characters who don’t have a past history with [Emily]. So, I think all of us were thinking, ‘Well, who else can we bring on?' Obviously we got Jack, Daniel is a character with no romantic poll and as we looked back on it David seemed like someone who would shake [VanCamp’s] character to the core – an unshakable character,” Aaron Harberts, the show’s writer, added on why they wanted to write in David's debut into the Season 4 script.

Why do you think the writers decided to dub the Season 4 premiere episode “Renaissance”? Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions.