RadarOnline.com reported that Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe are selling their N.J. mansion because they are too broke to pay the mortgage. Photo Courtesy of Melissa Gorga's Official Facebook page.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga might not be so real after all.

RadarOnline.com reported that Melissa and Joe Gorga are selling their enormous mansion in New Jersey because they cannot afford to make the mortgage payments on the home.

Melissa and Joe are in way over their heads. Joe owes a lot of people money. They have the house on the market because they can't pay the mortgage now that the interest rate on it has exploded, a source close to the couple revealed to the gossip website.

They are portraying a life they that they really didn't live prior to the show. Melissa likes to drop name brands now and has become very arrogant. Joe loves the fact that Joe Giudice has financial issues, yet he's in the same boat!

Joe and Melissa Gorga have listed their Montville Township, N.J., mansion for $3.8 million. The 13,500-square-foot home was built in 2009 and features six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, four fireplaces and a four-car garage on over two acres of land. The home is a sprawling mansion that Joe Gorga built as a spec home, far more grandiose than the home the couple shared before Melissa starred on RHONJ, according to RadarOnline.com.

Before joining the cast of RHONJ, Joe and Melissa Gorge lived in a half-million dollar home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, reported RadarOnline.com.

Joe built the house as a spec home, hoping to find a buyer. As a builder, he got an interest free loan for a period of time in which he was to sell the house, the source told RadarOnline.com. Once Melissa landed the gig, the couple decided to move into the Montville Township mansion to fit in with the other wealthy cast members.

When his wife was hired for RHONJ, the Gorgas decided to abandon their home and move in to give themselves an appearance of wealth that they don't really have. Now, the interest-free period on the loan has expired, so they have to move, the source concluded.

Melissa Gorga's house is currently on the market for $3.8 million. Photo Courtesy of Zillow.

Zillow reported that the Gorga mansion was up for sale briefly in 2010 for $4.1 million.

Joe and Melissa Gorga told an entirely different story.

For the record, we moved into our current house in 2008 and lived there for two years before I was signed to 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' in 2010, Melissa said. Joe built our last house in Franklin Lakes, which we sold for $2.45 million to former New York Giant LaVar Arrington. When we sell our house in Montville, we will move into a rental while Joe custom builds our next house.

Joe is a builder and a businessman. He will sell pretty much any property for the right price and build again, bigger and better. That's the truth and it's all available through public records, but I guess it doesn't make for as good of a headline.

Joe concurred.

I'm a builder. I custom-built the houses we have lived in and will do the same with our next one, Joe told Us Weekly exclusively. We tried Montville, but it just wasn't for us. We want to go back to Franklin Lakes, which is closer to where I work, and we're looking at a couple of properties now.

Melissa cited her three children as part of the reason for the move.

The kids, ages two through six, are approaching ages where each will be in school and now is the time to try to make the move and be in a place where we are going to stay in the long run, she told Us Weekly.

I absolutely love our current house and will be sad to leave, but Joe is an incredible builder, so I have no doubt that I'll love the next house just as much. Although this is the last time he is getting me to pack-up!

Teresa Giudice, sister of Joe Gorga, mentioned the Gorga's having money problems in Season 3 of RHONJ. Melissa denied this at the time and pointed the finger back at Teresa, who has dealt with financial troubles since 2010. Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe faced foreclosure of their Towaco, N.J., mansion and a pile of nearly $11 million in debt, Zillow reported back in 2010.

Melissa Gorga's house is currently on the market for $3.8 million. Photo Courtesy of Zillow.
Melissa Gorga's house is currently on the market for $3.8 million. Photo Courtesy of Zillow.
Melissa Gorga's house is currently on the market for $3.8 million. Photo Courtesy of Zillow.
Melissa Gorga's house is currently on the market for $3.8 million. Photo Courtesy of Zillow.

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