Uh oh, he looks mad...don't hit her, Breezy! (Photo: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson.)

Rihanna's controversial musical – and, if you believe the (many) rumors, romantic – reunion in recent days has caused a lot of controversy among the public, and though celebrities have been more circumspect in commenting than, say, some on Twitter, some are now speaking out.

The pair got some support from the usual suspects – Perez Hilton was his usual suck-up-y self (It has the ability to turn what was something destructive into something creative and positive!, he fawned), and Rihanna's Birthday Cake producer The Dream of course stood by the two.

But other than that? Most aren't pleased.

The most upset seems to be Jay-Z, who's said to have dropped Rihanna from a song written for her by Drake, instead subbing in Albanian-born Roc Nation first-timer Rita Ora. This came about a week after Radar Online quoted a source as saying that Jay was absolutely disgusted by what Chris did to Rihanna. [...] Chris is absolutely dead to Jay, he wants nothing to do with him ever. Now that Rihanna is hooking up with Chris and recording songs with him, Jay is deeply disappointed in her actions.

Next in line comes talk show host Wendy Williams, who spoke to Hollywood Reporter on the couple's collab. She said she was okay if the reunion was merely in song, but sounded a warning to Rihanna about taking Chris back: We don't need to give second chances to women-beaters as women in our twenties. (But what about as women in our thirties?) Check out the video below:

Reese Witherspoon went as far to use the reunion as a teachable moment for her children.

'My daughter knows what happened. My son knows as well, she told People, speaking of her 12-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. We talk about what is abuse. I think it's important to talk to our daughters – and our sons – in order to educate them at an early age about what's appropriate and what is absolutely not acceptable.

But despite all the disapproval, Rihanna isn't likely to back down. According to Bill Zwecker at the Chicago Sun-Times, her close friends are desperately trying to keep them apart, but she's having none of it.

That said, the negative barrage of press converage may force her to keep the relationship under wraps for a bit longer. If it weren't for the media and her fans, Zwecker wrotes, referring to her so-called Rihanna Navy, she would already have taken him back.