Gas Prices on the Rise
Gas prices are on the rise in the U.S. in the past week, and some areas like the South have had increases of 13 to 15 cents per gallon already. REUTERS

As if Americans don't have enough to deal with amid rising unemployment and underemployment and rising food costs, gas prices are also rising in early July throughout the United States.

In San Diego, for instance, the eighth largest city in the United States, the average price of a gallon of gasoline at self-service stations rise for the third consecutive day, after dropping 60 days out of the previous 63 days. The increase Monday was seven-tenths of a cent to an average price per gallon of $3.771.

It's the first time in San Diego the average price has increased for three consecutive days since an eight-day streak of increases April 29-May 6 of this year, according to figures provided AAA and the Oil Price Information Service.

The average price in San Diego, however remains 16.5 cents lower than it was last month and 60.6 cents lower than it was at the same time one year ago, however, so the rising price is not yet a large concern. The trend, though, is evident -- and something consumers have grown accustomed to in July, one of the busiest travel months in America by car.

The national average price of self-service gaslone per gallon on Monday was $3.631, a six-and-a-half cent increase in the past week, however, and an increase of four cents per gallon nationally at self serve stations since Friday, according to AAA. The upward price movement is at odds with movement in the price of crude oil, though, which has dropped nearly two percent recently on new concerns about prospects for global economic growth.

The American economy has revealed growth is slower than many economists expected in the past month, with sluggish growth and slow hiring as leading headlines -- but that news has not helped the average price per gallon of gasoline, suddenly on the rise across the nation.

Other areas in the U.S. where gas prices have begun to climb in the past week include Atlanta, where according to the price of a gallon of gas at self service stations has risen 13.3 cents.

Gas prices rose more in Atlanta and throughout the southern U.S. than they did in other areas of the country, says Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst for

It's possible prices could go higher, he said, speaking with The Covington News.

The upward price movement in the South and throughout other U.S. areas comes after a price decline of six weeks.

In the Tampa, Florida area, AAA's Fuel Guage Report revealed the average price of a gallon of unleaded gas has risen in one week from $3.42 per gallon to $3.57 -- an increase of 15 cents in just seven days.

Other areas showing increases in the past seven days in the average price per gallon of gas include Massachusetts, where prices have jumped six cents in thepast week -- the first increase in more than two months. The average price per gallon Monday in Massachusetts was $3.67.