Just for Men hair dye became a trending topic on Twitter after hair color appeared to drip down Rudy Giuliani’s face during a televised press conference.

On Thursday, Giuliani spoke to the media about some of the legal challenges President Trump has been facing in regards to the 2020 election results.

The former mayor of New York City has had a history of sweating in front of the cameras, but the folks on Twitter noticed that dark hair dye was dripping down the former New York City Mayor’s cheeks.

Viewers quickly began tweeting about the hair dye snafu and assumed Giuliani was a user of Just For Men hair dye.

Another person added, “It appears to be Just For Men hair coloring....or he's finally been revealed to be a demon and he’s losing his human form.”

Meanwhile, one person joked that Giuliani was wearing the knock off version of the hair dye.

“Message from Just For Men: Just For Men is not affiliated in any way with Rudy Giuliani or Trump’s Reelection Campaign. Please contact our competitor, Just For Meh,” the individual wrote.

During the conference, Giuliani was defending Trump’s belief that voter fraud affected the results of the 2020 presidential election, despite a lack of evidence. His legal team has filed several lawsuits for recounts in several states.