Jackass star Ryan Dunn is dead. On June 20, he crashed his Porsche 911 GT3 into a tree when the vehicle spun out of control and jumped through the highway guardrail. He and his passenger were pronounced dead at the scene from blunt and thermal trauma.

When Dunn was behind the wheel of his fatal drive, his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit and he was going over 130 mph.

Soon after his death, controversy erupted when film critic Roger Ebert tweeted Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive. Ebert was immediately criticized for making a harsh comment less than 24 hours after Dunn's tragic death.

In retaliation, some Dunn supporters made nasty comments about the facial deformity Ebert suffered from his battle with thyroid cancer.

Now, there is another controversy.

Members of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church plan to protest Dunn's public funeral.

The group, almost all of whom are members of the Phelps clan (led by patriarch Fred Phelps), are notorious for protesting at funerals of people they deem sinful. For example, they protest at funerals of homosexual people because they believe these people are punished by God for their sin of homosexuality.

In Dunn's case, Westboro is protesting to warn the world not to make a mock of sin, and to fear and obey God.

Dunn, 32-years-old at the time of his death, made a career out of being a daredevil and pushing the limits of societal norms. He is survived by his parents and the love of his life, Angela M. Cuturic.

His private funeral already took place, reported The News-Herald. Westboro plans to protest his public funeral, which will occur at a later date.