Samsung is no stranger to innovation. The Korean manufacturer provided a glimpse of emerging technology with a concept video highlighting the Samsung flexible display, according to a report on

The video shows a very flexible and transparent AMOLED device being used as an e-reader, a camera, a video calling system and an interpreter. Viewers also get to see some augmented reality.

This is obviously just a concept device, and it will take years before Samsung commercializes such a product. But there's no doubt some features will hit the market soon. Earlier this year, Samsung highlighted a mobile phone with a flexible display at the CES 2011; it is expected to hit production in 2012, according to PCMag.

The company is not the first to create foldable screens. Nokia unveiled its Kinetic Device concept at the Nokia World conference in October this year.

Take a look at the clip and see what Samsung has in store for future smartphones.