After Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Friday officially ended the probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared Monday on NBC's "Today" to discuss the findings. The interview with co-host Savannah Guthrie was a contentious one and perhaps similar to the often combative exchanges Sanders has had with the White House press corps.

Sanders defended President Trump's comments Sunday of "complete and total exoneration" from accusations of obstruction and collusion with Russia. Guthrie questioned Sanders about the possibility of obstruction, which Mueller failed to reach a conclusion.

Sanders asserted that Mueller's report had reached a conclusion, referring to Attorney General William Barr's claim of "insufficient evidence" to pursue an obstruction case. Guthrie referenced a June memo in which Barr said there was no obstruction case and that his decision about the Mueller report was reached within 48 hours.

Guthrie proceeded to ask Sanders if Trump owed the special counsel an apology for the verbal attacks aimed at Mueller over the course of the two-year investigation. Guthrie noted that Trump had called Mueller "a national disgrace" and "discredited" before asking Sanders if Mueller "deserved better" than the attacks.

Sanders did not directly respond to Trump's attacks, claiming instead that Americans deserved better than the special counsel's investigation.

"Wait a minute, the president's rhetoric — about a public servant doing a job," Guthrie replied. 

"Are you kidding?" Sanders responded.

When pressed again by Guthrie, Sanders pivoted back to the questions about the investigation.

"Democrats and the liberal media owe the president — and they owe the American people — an apology."

The interview has generated heated and divisive reactions on Twitter.