Under the Dictionary definition of sultry you are sure to find the name Scarlett Johansson.

And with a name (and lips) like Scarlett, it really should come as no surprise.

It is as if the actress is from another era. Her style consistently echos a retro feel a la the 1940s.

For some, it is hard to get this look just right without appearing too campy or theatrical.

But Johansson does it with a meticulousness like no other.

If I'm doing a red carpet, I'll usually look to the golden age of Hollywood a little bit, whether that's Rita Hayworth or Lauren Bacall or later, like Brigitte Bardot. I like to kind of give a nod to that era; I feel like the red carpet deserves it, she said in an interview with Styleist.

Johansson often opts for tea length dresses, lace, high-neck cuts, and autumn-esque colors.

Her style has not always been prim and proper, though. Sometimes Johansson likes to throw in a rebellious curve ball.

She wears a nose-ring when she is not working, has a large unicorn tattooed on her forearm, and has dyed her hair a rainbow of colors. She even tried a mullet (gasp!).

She is the face of Dolce & Gabanna beauty and walked the runway in a nude lace dress and gold sparkling heels at the Italian label's Spring 2012 show at Milan Fashion Week.

With pillow-lips, Johansson is an advocate of lipstick. The redder, the better.

The seductive beauty is currently in the midst of an exasperating phone-hacking scandal involving the leaked nude photos of her the perpetrator got off her cell phone. The man who hacked her personal device, as well as the devices of other celebrities including Mila Kunis, has been arrested.

But, of course, even a scandal like that could not tarnish this pin-up's name.