• A teacher cursed and yelled at a mother and her daughter as they were headed home from a protest
  • The incident was caught on video, and the teacher could be heard hurling invectives
  • She later apologized saying that she may have acted out of fear and anxiety

An elementary school teacher in California apologized after a video that shows her threatening to kill a mom, and her daughter found its way online, reports say.

Second-grade teacher Carrie Maxwell, who works at the Wayside Elementary School, Bakersfield, California, was seen in the video yelling profanities at a woman and her 8-year-old girl Friday. The mother and her child reportedly attended a protest rally demanding justice for the death of George Floyd, news station KKTV reported.

Headed For Home

The mother who came from the protest with her daughter was identified as Erika Baze, a white protester. According to Baze, she and her child were headed for home after attending the demonstration when Maxwell suddenly confronted them, a local news outlet said. She told them that they are not welcome in her community and that she will call the police if Baze and her daughter refuse to leave.

teacher curses yells at mom and child protester
teacher curses yells at mom and child protester terimakasih0 - Pixabay

Baze revealed she started recording Maxwell when she became violent and cursed them loudly. In the video, Maxwell could be heard saying, “I will f---ing k--l you.” Reports say the agitated woman had to be dragged away by her husband.

Acted Out Of Fear

Maxwell later apologized for her behavior, saying she was very anxious about the spate of violent protests happening across the country. She mentioned that at the time, she had been taking care of her elderly mother and autistic son. The second-grade teacher also underscored that she might have acted out of anxiety and fear.

In a statement that was read by Maxwell’s lawyer, she revealed she had been watching news coverage of protest rallies becoming riots and causing injuries to both protesters and the police. The teacher also shared that she was aware that the protests near her home had turned to confrontations the day before.

Making An Apology

Maxwell also said that when she heard protesters gathering near her home, with some of them loudly chanting profanities, she became overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. She added that she was “heartbroken” with the notion that her students or their parents may have seen the video. Maxwell believed that her behavior reflected her own “values or views regarding race or inclusivity,” her statement revealed.

She then offered her sincerest apology to anyone who was hurt by her behavior in the video. According to Doc Ervin, the Bakersfield City School District Superintendent, they are now investigating the incident involving one of their teachers. “We do not condone nor endorse the action and behavior captured on the video,” the district superintendent noted.