Kirstie Alley Nurse Ingrid Marie Hoffel
Kirstie Alley, who plays Nurse Ingrid Marie Hoffel in “Scream Queens” Season 2, revealed her favorite scenes to shoot in the FOX series. Michael Becker/FOX

Kirstie Alley, who has been filming “Scream Queens” Season 2 since mid-September, revealed her favorite scenes to shoot for the FOX series.

“My favorite things to shoot was probably getting to be really creepy with Emma [Roberts],” Alley said in a behind-the-scenes interview recently released by the network. “She’s so beautiful and she’s so good.”

Alley plays Nurse Ingrid Marie Hoffel in the FOX comedy-horror series. She’s the head of administration at C.U.R.E Institute Hospital who has been very vocal about her dislike of Chanel (Roberts), Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) and Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin). She believes that the three should not practice medicine at the hospital because of their lack of education and experience in the field of medicine.

While Nurse Hoffel has nothing but hate for the Chanels, Alley actually admires the young actresses who play the pastel-loving trio. “The girls … oh my God! They’re all so grooved in and so good,” the 65-year-old actress said of Roberts, Lourd and Breslin in an interview with Entertainment Tonight last month. “They speak very quickly, so I’m working on getting that style down.”

Despite Nurse Hoffel’s cold treatment towards the Chanels, Alley said in the behind-the-scenes interview that she would like to think that her character is “really a good person who’s [just] been driven to being mean.”

After being absent in the past two episodes of “Scream Queens,” Nurse Hoffel returns in Season 2, episode 5 to continue making the lives of the Chanels a living hell.

“Scream Queens” Season 2, episode 5, entitled “Chanel Pour Homme-cide,” airs on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 9 p.m. ET on FOX. Check out the synopsis for the episode below.

“After the terrifying events of Halloween, Dean Munsch is forced to notify the authorities of the murders occurring at the C.U.R.E. Institute, which surprisingly leads to an influx of new patients. Fed up with doing dirty work, Chanel concocts a plan to put the new patients to use by recruiting them to join the Chanels. Meanwhile, Zayday [Keke Palmer] and Chanel #5 pay a visit to someone with ties to the hospital's past, and a new patient's ailment causes the hospital staff to go a little mad.”