New details about “Secrets and Lies” were released late last week, and fans just received another clue to the murder-mystery. Although viewers will have to tune in to find out who the killer is, the ABC series has a juicy twist for the victim.

Deadline previously reported that “The Following” alum Michael Ealy would replace Season 1 lead Ryan Phillippe. Ealy is set to play a man named Eric Warner, a “well-educated newlywed and heir apparent to his family’s private equity firm in Charlotte, N.C.” Things fall apart when his wife, Kate, is murdered. But fortunately for Eric, he has an alibi.

According to TVLine, “Secrets and Lies” will introduce a “key fact” about Kate that will make her death “considerably more tragic.” Could Kate and Eric been trying to start a family? Was Kate trying to help someone before her death? Or could she have been trying to protect her new husband from something? We’ll have to wait and see!

As fans of the series already know, the Season 1 murder storyline is all wrapped up with the sophomore season focusing on a new crime. The only actor set to reprise their role is Juliette Lewis, who plays Detective Andrea Cornell.

“Secrets and Lies” will return to ABC when “Nashville” goes on hiatus after its midseason finale.