• Seraphine is Summoner's Rift newest in-game sensation
  • She is described as a pop star from Piltover and Zaun
  • Her abilities deal magic damage with support to provide shield and movement speed 

After much speculation, fanfare and fireworks that only Riot Games can pull off, Seraphine is finally introduced as the next superstar champion of “League of Legends.”

The buzz around the latest inclusion in Summoner’s Rift began when the developer teased Seraphine as a teen whose dream of becoming a vlogger and social media influencer turned into reality. But while the character had all the makings of an LoL character, Seraphine, who collaborated with K/DA, will be a completely new persona once inside the Rift.

“Seraphine’s a Piltovan pop star who wants to connect with everyone around her. She’s sensitive, tenacious and supportive. And she wants you to be her biggest fan,” wrote the game’s official website on Seraphine’s Champion Insight.

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Narrative writer Rayla “Jellbug” Heide further explained that, amid the swords, black magic and chaos inside Summoner’s Rift, where does a “pop star” fit in? For one, the making of Seraphine centered on the vast technological advancement found in Runeterra and eventually came up with an idea of creating a singer from Piltover and the dark city of Zaun.

“Piltover and Zaun is the hub of technological advancement in Runeterra. We’ve met the inventors, scientists and… mad scientists of these twin cities. But what about the artists? The musicians?

“We know who fuels the Piltover and Zaun’s inquisitive minds, but who nourishes their spirits?” said Heide.

For Polygon, Seraphine is a Mage at best and will eventually core on having a support role that she can use to “make plays for herself, but also help allies stronger.”

Seraphine’s passive is called “Stage Presence.” It will echo every third basic ability she makes and automatically casts a second time. Seraphine will also create a Note when she casts an ability near an ally. Each Note will give her more attack range and magic damage.

Seraphine’s Q skill is “High Note.” Here, the character casts a “pure note” that deals magic damage that scales based on the target’s missing health percentage. “Surround Sound” is Seraphine’s W skill. Casting this will surround her and nearby allies in a song, granting them a shield and movement speed.

Her E skill is “Beat Drop” where Seraphine unleashes a “heavy soundwave” that deals magic damage to enemies in a line. Enemies that are slowed will be rooted, while those that are rooted will be stunned.

Finally, Seraphine’s Ultimate, “Encore,” takes her center stage and projects a “captivating force that charms enemies.” This will also deal magic damage and anyone who is struck – even allies – will be included in the performance, extending the range of the ability and granting allies maximum Notes, said Dotesports.