• The police suspect that the victim was murdered after a dispute over money
  • Medical examination revealed that the victim had injuries to private parts
  • The police have registered a case with charges of murder and rape
  • The investigators are reviewing the surveillance videos to identify the suspect

A woman in India who worked as a sex worker was allegedly raped and murdered after a dispute over money, police said Tuesday.

The body of the woman, supposedly in her mid-30s, was found semi-clad with a slit throat near a gully in Mumbai. The incident came to light after locals found the body of the victim and reported it to the police.

The medical examination revealed that the victim had injuries to her private parts indicating that she was raped before she was murdered.

“Preliminary probe suggests the woman, who worked as a sex worker, may have been killed over money matter,” a police officer investigating the case said, reported news outlet Times of India.

The police said they have registered a case under charges of rape and murder against an unidentified person. The victim’s body was sent for autopsy to determine the exact cause of death, police sources said.

The officers have also formed a separate team for investigating the case, news outlet Free Press Journal reported.

The investigating officers are reviewing surveillance videos from the entire stretch of the gully in an attempt to identify the suspect who possibly dumped the victim’s body after murdering her.

The investigators have also requested the public to come forward if they have any possible leads that can help them in tracking the suspect.

police-line-3953745_1920 Representation Photo: Pixabay

In a similar incident this month, four women from the city of Jaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan have filed a complaint against a self-proclaimed Godman who allegedly raped them. The four victims, three of them from the same family, have filed a complaint against Shailendra Mehta alias “Tapasvi Baba” for raping them during their stay at Mehta’s monastery.

The alleged abuse came to light after one of the victims shared her trauma with her husband as he was about to take their 20-year-old daughter also to the monastery. The victims alleged that Mehta has sexually abused them multiple times and has threatened them when they resisted his attempts. The police said they were investigating the case and have not made any arrests.