The International Shark Attack File Report for 2011 was released by The University of Florida on Tuesday and the results are far from comforting. The report shows that fatal shark attacks across the world broke a two-decade record while attacks in the United States decreased over the last ten years. The number of shark attacks per year has been on a steady rise for over a century. However, the increase in these shark-human interactions is probably a result of the increase in the amount of time humans have been spending in the sea.

There were a total of 29 attacks in the United States with 11 of them occurring off the coast of Florida. 125 attacked occurred worldwide, 12 of which resulted in fatalities. While the fatality rate in the United States was zero, the number was as high as 25% in other places.

In related news, a massive 40-foot long whale shark was pulled off the coast of Pakistan on Tuesday. The shark, which could possibly be one of the largest fish ever caught, was spotted dead in the Arabian Sea and lifted onto the harbor by a 35-ton crane. Though the cause of death of the shark is unknown, whale sharks are not an uncommon site in the area's waters.