YouTuber Shay Carl Butler’s former cam girl isn’t ashamed or concerned about her line of work. When a Twitter user recently dissed Aria Nina for being an adult internet star, she issued a fiery response, stating she isn’t concerned about what potential future employers may think.

Aria’s decision to tweet about her “goals” of being a detective started the conversation. After posting about her love for Investigation Discovery network, a fan wrote to her pointing out that instead of being in law enforcement, she works as a cam girl.

“Doesn’t mean I can’t change jobs or work towards another job lol. I can do whatever I want in my life,” she wrote.

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When the person in question responded, stating she would have a hard time getting a job at a government agency due to her extensive nude photos and video on the web, she clapped back.

“If my future or jobs plans do not pertain to you then I think it should be none of your business but hey that’s just me,” Aria wrote on Twitter. The entire conversation has since been deleted.

It’s not just Twitter users who Aria has had to defend herself against. She also recently revealed that it isn’t uncommon for her to get private hate mail on Instagram from seeming Shay Carl’s fans.

“Instagram DMS make me giggle,” she captioned a shot of her NSFW messages she’s received on her account about being a “homewrecker” and a “skank.”

Aria was first brought into the line of fire in February when she revealed private messages she had shared with the popular YouTube family vlogger. In a series of social media posts, Aria exposed the alleged online affair she had been having with the father of five and even looped in his wife, Colette Butler, in on the conversation on Twitter.

Speaking YouTuber Keemstar, Aria said she exposed the relationship after she felt Shay had wronged her. On his show Drama Alert, Aria claimed Shay had initially reached out to her. “He went on to then get really sexual and then he became really rude,” Aria said.

After talking privately for three months, Aria claims Shay treated her like “trash and scum of the earth” following a comment she had about one of his sons.

“I said, ‘Oh, your son Daxton is so cute. Like, I want your baby. Can I have him? He’s adorable.’ He’s like, ‘You’re disgusting. Don’t ever talk about my family.’ He was just completely rude,” Aria said on the show. “I felt like all he did was express his sexual feelings to me and I was just some dump of sex emotions.”

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YouTubers Colette and Shay Carl Butler had yet to officially return to their Shaytards channel following his cheating scandal. The couple is pictured at the Streamy Awards on Oct. 4, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California.  Getty Images

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Keemstar claims that Shay confirmed the validity of the Aria’s X-rated messages to him. Around the time of the scandal, Shay announced on social media that he would be seeking treatment for alcoholism.

Shay has has yet to make a grand return to YouTube. He last post came on Feb. 10. Since that time, however, he has briefly returned to the web in other ways. In March, he and Colette made short cameos in YouTuber Charles Trippy’s wedding, which was vlogged for the CTFxC channel. Shay also posted to Instagram in May.