• 'Shiba Eternity' Download Day is scheduled to take place Thursday
  • Kusama revealed a new initiative to promote Shibarium adoption
  • SHIB was trading up 1.38% at $0.00001118

Shiba Inu pseudonymous lead developer Shytoshi Kusama shared some of the team's big plans for the upcoming Collectible Card Game (CCG) "Shiba Eternity" after the game's Download Day was pushed to a much later date.

Details of Kusama's latest announcements regarding the Shiba Inu ecosystem and "Shiba Eternity" were documented by former Shiba Inu Growth member and now social media influencer GossipShib, who later shared the screenshots on the microblogging site Twitter. The lead developer mentioned dedicating a particular chunk of the overall "Shiba Eternity" profits to support community-focused projects through a proprietary investment vehicle.

"We have to support the community long term. To do so, I am happy to announce that a certain percent of all profits from the game will be dedicated to a proprietary investment vehicle that will allow us to support various community-focused projects," Kusama said on the official Shiba Inu Discord server. To receive funding, these projects are required to utilize the upcoming layer-2 solution Shibarium blockchain – a smart way to advance the adoption of Shibarium.

"These projects can be IRL or digital, and we would require these startups to utilize Shibarium if they will use blockchain in their businesses (unless it doesn't fit their unique use case)," the pseudonymous lead developer said. To make the initiative community-led, funding would be allocated using the Doggy Dao, the decentralized organization controlled by the Shiba Inu community or the Shib Army.

"Moreover, we are happy to utilize the Doggy Dao (meaning using Bone to vote) for the best startups worldwide so that we can make sure this is a community effort. Also, final approval will still need to be done via the core Multi-Sig to ensure we don't support Chickenbutt enterprises," Kusama further said.

The lead developer noted that the exact percentage of the game's profit that would be allocated to various initiatives will vary monthly, but it will not go below 45% of all monthly profit.

"I mentioned a percent of' so that the percentages can vary monthly or quarterly (we won't know until we know how much revenue and profit we have) but the combination of the two (proprietary investment vehicle & non-profit giving) will total no less than 45% of all profit from the game. When combined with the aforementioned 5% burn, that's 50%," Kusama added.

It may be recalled that the lead developer said last month that 5% of the total "Shiba Eternity '' profits would be allocated to burning SHIB tokens to help the community reduce the token's circulating supply. As for the other 50% of the game's profit, Kusama refused to reveal where they plan to spend it and called it a "trade secret."

"An immediate question some fudder is already typing is, what about the other 50%? Well that fren, is a trade secret. We hope to stay competitive in the gaming space and while we are up against large games like Hearthstone, we need to keep some trade secrets to win this war," Kusama said.

As of 1:33 a.m. ET Tuesday, SHIB, the native token of the Shiba Inu ecosystem was trading up 1.38% at $0.00001118 with a 24-hour volume of $167,606,448, according to the latest data from CoinMarketCap.

The "Shiba Eternity" Download Day is now scheduled for Thursday.

Shiba Eternity
Screenshots from Shiba Eternity Collective Card Game Lucie Sasinkova/Shiba Eternity CCG