California teen Sierra LaMar's family is offering a $10,000 reward for any news that could lead to their daughter's safe return.

LaMar, 15 was kidnapped while walking to get a bus to go to her high school three weeks ago, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported. It was 7:15 a.m. Investigators said she was likely the victim of an acquaintance abduction, reported CBS.

Investigators have not been able to make any significant breakthroughs in the case, despite logging in more than 6,000 hours. Investigators found possible items of interest near where she was last seen, including condoms and an empty box labeled handcuffs. The items were found nearly two miles from LaMar's home.

LaMar's cellphone and bag were found in a field near her home, but that too did not offer any clues to the teen's whereabouts. A pair of her pants and shirt was neatly folded inside her bag.

Steve LaMar, the victim's father, said they will offer a cash incentive because they are desperate for any news of their daughter.

We're hoping it might give someone the motivation to come forward, he said according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. We're desperate for anything that can bring her home to us.

Steve LaMar said the family came up with the $10,000 reward through fundraisers and donations from the community.

Thousands have volunteered to help find the missing girl. Even 49ers quarterback Alex Smith and his teammates Joe Staley, Delanie Walker, and Scott Tolzein helped in the effort Saturday.

The family welcomed the celebrity support.

When those kinds of people get involved, it gives us a whole new audience, said Sierra's sister Danielle.

The community is doing all that they can to support the LaMar family. Car windows are painted with the messages like Find Sierra LaMar and Come Home, Sierra, We Miss You.

Patt Brach of the community said people were coming out to help because LaMar could be any of our daughters.

Plus, she said to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, this is my town. We all moved here because we wanted a safe place where we could raise our children.

Multiple Facebook groups have popped up on the popular social media site to help in efforts. Find Sierra LaMar has 10, 674 likes while Help Find Sierra LaMar-Missing from Morgan Hill, California has 15, 704.

There is no person of interest in the case. It is being treated as a missing person's case by officials.