A sleep technician in Florida was arrested Tuesday after being accused of sexually assaulting women during sleep studies.

A woman alleged that Andrew Chickoree, 52, touched her inappropriately during a sleep test at the Pasco County Sleep Center, located outside Tampa. He was charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of battery, according to local reports.

Chickoree reportedly tested patients for sleep apnea at different sleep centers in the Tampa area and had held the job for several years. He allegedly made up stories to get close to female patients, waking them up and claiming there were problems with readings in order to touch them inappropriately.

“He actually came in and woke her up, broke her sleep cycle if you will, and woke her up to do what he ended up doing to her,” Det. Ed Campbell told NBC’s Tampa affiliate WFLA.

The first accusation was followed up by a second woman in Zephyrhills, Florida, who made similar claims of sexual assault against Chickoree during his time at the nearby sleep center.

ABC affiliate WFTS reported that one victim claims she awoke to "Chickoree washing her feet, then moving his hands up her leg."

Chickoree’s actions were reportedly caught on camera and police are encouraging other victims to come forward with more information.

Chickoree is currently in police custody awaiting the results of the investigation.

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