Slime Rancher 2
Slime Rancher 2 features more slimes and a brand new world to explore Monomi Park


  • Tarr Slimes can be tossed away using the Vac
  • They appear whenever a large slime eats a third plort of a different type
  • Hydro Turrets can be used to blast Tarr Slimes with water

A single Tarr Slime can destroy an entire slime ecosystem, including the player's ranch, if left unchecked. They were a menace in the first "Slime Rancher" game, and this remains true even in the sequel.

There are a couple of ways to get rid of Tarr Slimes and prevent them from turning any of Beatrix's bouncy buddies into blobs of sad-looking goop in "Slime Rancher 2."

Proper Slime Segregation

Unlike their normal counterparts, Tarr Slimes come into being whenever a Largo slime consumes a third plort type. Normally, a slime that eats a different plort turns into a Largo hybrid of its base form and the plort it consumed. If this large slime eats a third one, it mutates into a Tarr Slime.

With that said, players should never put three different slime breeds in a single corral. If even one of them turns into a Tarr Slime, then all of them will get converted since that's what Tarr Slimes do.

How to get rid of Tarr Slimes

Sometimes, a stray slime wanders into the natural habitat of others. This causes an upsurge in Largo slime populations, which also increases the risk of a Tarr Slime outbreak. Nighttime is the riskiest as Phosphor Slimes start spawning when the sun goes down.

Slime Rancher 2 - Tarr Slime launch
Tarr Slimes can be launched into bodies of water to quickly get rid of them Slime Rancher 2

When encountering a Tarr Slime in the open, it's best to vacuum them up and launch them towards a body of water. Alternatively, players can craft Hydro Turrets from the Fabricator once they find its recipe. These will blast Tarr Slimes away and keep other slimes safe.

Preventing Tarr Slime Spawns

Apart from corral segregation, players can keep Tarr Slimes from spawning in the wild by either picking up plorts as they explore or, albeit cruel, by starving certain slime breeds.

Phosphor Slimes, for example, only eat fruits like Cuberries and Pogofruits. If players can collect all of the fruits in an area before the sun goes down, Phosphor Slimes will have nothing to eat, which will limit their plort generation.

However, take note that they can still eat other plorts and transform into hybrid Largo slimes, which will expand their usual diet. Due to this, picking up plorts in the wild regularly is highly recommended.

Slime Rancher 2 - Tarr Slime pickup
Tarr Slimes can be picked up and launched away by using the Vac Slime Rancher 2