Jersey Shore star Snooki (Nicole Polizzi), who is hitting headlines for her newly acquired 98-pound frame in the fifth season of the MTV reality program, has surprised fans with the latest pictures.

The 4 feet 9-inch tall star has added the picture to her Twitter account which shows the Snooki make-up free. After Snooki's weight-loss, fans have been eager to see and admire her new body, so here is a treat for them.

Snooki wants her fans to know what she looks like without her fake eyelashes or any kind of make-up. The picture was posted Wednesday, Jan 18, and the caption of the picture said, No make up day :) and IDC :)

Snooki revealed that she achieved her goal weight of a reported 98 pounds with the help of diet pill Zantrex-3. According to the Daily Mail, Snooki said she was tired of celebrity blogs talking about her weight. But the pint-sized star said she didn't lose weight for the blogs.

I did it for me, she said.

As soon after she posted the picture, friends and fans complimented her on her looks and the 24-year-old star later tweeted, Can I just say how amazing my fans/supporters are! You guys really know how to put a smile on my face! Love you all beyond words.

Earlier, Snooki had added new pictures to her account where she revealed the playful side of hers along with a few more pictures. In one of the pictures, she was seen wearing long eye lashes and cute curls. In another photo, she was seen with boyfriend Jionni LaValle.