Social Capital

WHAT is it? DO you have it? HOW do you earn it?

SOCIAL CAPITAL is the intangible asset at the heart of a new and dynamic view of “success.” It is changing business and the world as we know it, especially as we face one of the most difficult periods of adjustment the world has ever known. Now we at IBT are taking you on an exclusive journey to find it, define it, and to create a forum for those trail-blazing leaders who have it to tell you in their own words how they are transforming society.

Top Story for March
Knowledge - Social Capital

The Power Of Knowledge — And The Leaders Who Spread It

From leaders who promote intellectual discourse to psychological awareness to medical and health knowledge our honorees this month make it their mission to help us learn for our good and the good of all in our society, thereby planting the seeds of a whole lot more Social Capital.
Cheryl Bachelder

Do You Care?

There have been a lot of challenging circumstances lately. World pandemic. Economic crisis. Culture crisis of racial injustice. People are struggling. Overwhelmed by the layers of anxiety.