Featuring IBT’s TOP 20 Social Capital CEOs for August 2021
Sarah Paiji Yoo
Co-founder and CEO of Blueland
Bill Nash
President and CEO of CarMax
Joth Ricci
President and CEO of Dutch Bros Coffee
Eric Artz
President and CEO of REI
John Schlifske
Chairman and CEO of Northwestern Mutual
Ken Fisher
Founder and Executive Chairman at Fisher Investments
Danny Meyer
Founder and Chairman of Shake Shack
Lorna Borenstein
CEO and Founder of Grokker
Ernie Herrman
President and CEO at TJX
Tristan Walker
Founder and CEO of Walker & Company Brands
Philip Behn
CEO of Imperfect Foods
Tim Harsch
CEO & Co-Founder of Owler
Carlos Rodriguez
President and CEO of ADP
Stu Sjouwerman
Founder and CEO of KnowBe4
Linda Rendle
CEO of The Clorox Company
Jonathan Keyser
Founder of Keyser
Jorge Perez
Chairman and CEO of The Related Group
Shawn Conway
CEO of Peet’s Coffee
Carissa Jordan
Co-Founder/Co-CEO of Benjamin Talks
Nikki Boulukos
Co-founder and Co-CEO of Benjamin Talks
Allred-Austen_and Student_Joram_Clervius

Austen Allred Will Pay You To Hire His Graduates!

The visionary founder and CEO of Lambda School wants to blow up conventional, restrictive hiring practices that he says just plain don’t work, and he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is...
DarabiSoraya_B&W-Social Capital

Adventures In Transformative Venture Capitalism

In this exclusive Social Capital Q and A, TMV CEO Soraya Darabi candidly shares her passion for investing in purposeful startups that transform the way we live and work. Her own varied workforce...
Access Button-Social Capital

The New Revolution: Access

From Reddit’s retail stock raiders to companies making better water and healthy food a priority to leaders who believe their company’s greatest asset is to improve the lives of their employees, and...
Bombas Giving Event Camillus House Miami 2016

Selling Socks And Saving 'Soles'

David Heath created a capitalist solution to solving one of the most heartbreaking realities in America - hundreds of thousands of homeless cannot afford or find socks. He leveraged his...


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