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Family Matters: 10 CEOs Who Support Our Most Important Institution

This month we honor those CEOs and companies that realize that capitalism done right and respect for the family are inseparable. A free economic system that is not completely dependent upon government support only works when the family support system is alive and well. So, companies that support that family are crucial to the survival of capitalism.

Super Socks To Amazing Underwear: Bombas Raises The Bar For Higher Purpose

Since we first honored David Heath as one of our “Top 10 Social Capital CEOs” last November, our continuing conversations with this philanthropically motivated for-profit entrepreneur further reinforces the evidence that business and philanthropy strengthen each other. In this revealing interview, Bombas’ CEO offers surprising perspectives on Bombas’s newest product launch – underwear.

Fixing Schools Starts With Nutrition: Revolution Foods Made It A Thriving Business

This week, we shine our Social Capital spotlight on one of our February honorees. She is a visionary business leader who recognizes that many people are often shut out of opportunity by a slim minority of individuals who seem to control “access” to so many crucial rights or resources – and are leading efforts to prove the opposite is good business.

Leading In A Pandemic: CEOs Discuss How They Helped; What They Learned

As our nation begins to slowly but surely emerge from the pandemic, with the numbers of those infected as well as those dying or those hospitalized dropping to levels about a tenth of what they were at the height of the illness, we thought it was a good time to shine a special light on what some of our Social Capital leaders did to help, and what they learned that can help all businesses deal with any similar challenges in the future, God forbid.

Austen Allred Will Pay You To Hire His Graduates!

The visionary founder and CEO of Lambda School wants to blow up conventional, restrictive hiring practices that he says just plain don’t work, and he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is to do it.

Adventures In Transformative Venture Capitalism

In this exclusive Social Capital Q and A, TMV CEO Soraya Darabi candidly shares her passion for investing in purposeful startups that transform the way we live and work. Her own varied workforce history informs her ability to assess and interact with startup entrepreneurs that has garnered an unmatched record in returns.

The Power Of Knowledge — And The Leaders Who Spread It

From leaders who promote intellectual discourse to psychological awareness to medical and health knowledge our honorees this month make it their mission to help us learn for our good and the good of all in our society, thereby planting the seeds of a whole lot more Social Capital.

Ed Bastian: How Flying The High Road Helped Delta Navigate Pandemic

In an amazing and exclusive Q and A with IBT’s Social Capital team, Delta Air Lines’ Ed Bastian gives an inside view of how doing business in the Social Capital way kept the company on course throughout the pandemic, arguably the most challenging year the travel industry has ever faced, and how it is helping them to not just persevere but to quickly rebound in amazing and inspiring ways. 

The New Revolution: Access

From Reddit’s retail stock raiders to companies making better water and healthy food a priority to leaders who believe their company’s greatest asset is to improve the lives of their employees, and of everyone in their communities, a powerful coalition is forming around an important but oft overlooked element of Social Capital.

Education Opens Doors To Success — This CEO Opens Doors To Education

We honored Rachel Romer Carlson in November as one of that month’s Top 10 Social Capital CEOs  for her commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty in many families by bringing the opportunity of education and upskilling to masses of workers throughout America. Her experiences with her own family opened her eyes to the critical role of education in achieving at least a middle-class level of economic security.



WHAT is it? DO you have it? HOW do you earn it?

SOCIAL CAPITAL is the intangible asset at the heart of a new and dynamic view of “success.” It is changing business and the world as we know it, especially as we face one of the most difficult periods of adjustment the world has ever known. Now we at IBT are taking you on an exclusive journey to find it, define it, and to create a forum for those trail-blazing leaders who have it to tell you in their own words how they are transforming society.

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