Sofia Coppola
Sofia Coppola is set to direct "The Bling Ring". Reuters

Sofia Coppola is known for her hauntingly off-beat films. For instance, The Virgin Suicides is an unsettling portrait of American family life in the 1970s.

So it's no surprise that the Oscar winning director cast Taissa Farmiga in her latest film. The young actress starred in American Horror Story which has elements of Coppola's storytelling techniques. The actress brilliantly played Violet, a sullen teenager who is repeatedly bullied and contemplates suicide. Coppola explored the harsh realities of High School life in her 1998 short film Lick the Star, which dealt with a group of teens who are obsessed with the horror novel Flowers in the Attic.

Her latest project, The Bling Ring, will center on a group of thieves who steal from the rich an famous. A true story, the film will also star Harry Potter's Emma Watson. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the eerie tale will explore the lives and motivations of the criminals. Farmiga's plans for the big screen are an indicator that she will not be returning for Season 2 of American Horror Story.

Last year, the nightmare-inducing series premiered on FX and proved to be one of the scariest shows of all time. Not only did each episode begin with a hauntingly freaky event, it also had some unimaginable plot twists. One of the show's major strengths was that it juxtaposed the perils of domestic life and a broken marriage against the twisted world of the supernatural. Yet the show's producers weren't about to recycle that same formula for Season 2. It was announced that an entirely new cast would be assembled and a different story would be told. For fans of the show's original premise and cast, this was upsetting news.

It was announced yesterday that some favorites from the show's initial season will in fact re-appear this October when the series returns. Though there will be a major shift in setting, from Los Angeles to the East Coast, Zachary Quinto and Jessica Lange will be returning! What is bizarre is that they'll take on entirely new roles. It's unclear how the show's creators will pull that off but they've managed to repeatedly wow audiences so far.

The news was announced during the PaleyFest on Friday. It was also revealed that three additional Season 1 characters will be returning. This includes Sarah Paulson (a medium), Evan Peters (an angry ghost), and Lily Rabe (the owner of a haunted mansion).