Sons of the Forest - Cannibal
Sons of the Forest features a new tribe of cannibals living in an isolated portion of the world Endnight Games


  • "Sons of the Forest" will feature AI companions
  • The game will have changing seasons that affect gameplay
  • "Sons of the Forest" releases on Feb. 23

Fans of 2014's original spine-tingling survival game won't have to wait much anymore. "Sons of the Forest" is right around the corner, and it's going to be bringing with it a ton of new features on top of the fresh content Endnight has cooked up for it over the years.

The game, which is due to release this month, will yank players back to a familiar setting that doesn't stray away from the premise of the original "The Forest." Here, the protagonist is still lost in the woods and surrounded by cannibals, but instead of looking for their lost child, "Sons of the Forest" players will be searching for a missing billionaire.

In these types of games, storylines can be safely skimmed over. "Sons of the Forest's" real meat and bones lie within its gameplay.

Sons of the Forest - Cannibal 2
Disgusting mutants lurk inside the dark caverns of Sons of the Forest Endnight Games

Expect a more refined version of the original game's survival mechanics in the sequel. For instance, the changing of seasons is going to have a direct impact on how players get their daily needs. Fish can be caught during summer and spring but not during winter, as water sources are likely to have frozen over by then.

Players are also getting access to modern weapons and tools such as pistols, shotguns, stun batons, crossbows and more. Use these to conquer the woods and control the mysterious tribe of cannibals lurking inside it.

Like its predecessor, "Sons of the Forest" will be playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes. What's interesting, however, is that solo players will be able to split the work between them and NPC companions who can perform basic tasks such as carrying resources or defending the base.

All of this goes on top of a massive new world with gorgeously-rendered environments and the same, eerie sense of dread that "The Forest" is known for. Dive deep into the woods and the underground labyrinths beneath them to uncover the mystery behind the missing person's disappearance.

Based on the Steam page for "Sons of the Forest," it will be released as a complete game, not an early access title. Players can expect a complete package once the game is out this Feb. 23.

Sons of the Forest will feature an expanded inventory and crafting system
Sons of the Forest will feature an expanded inventory and crafting system Endnight