Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren
Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren Reuters

It's been nearly two years since the Tiger Woods-Elin Nordegren marriage fell apart in spectacular fashion thanks to the latter's sexual escapades.

According to The New York Post, it appears Nordegren has finally moved on and is dating someone new. The former Swedish model's new man is a marketing executive by the name of Jamie Dingman. The report says Nordegren and Dingman have been dating for months.

Dingman is the son of Billionaire Michael Dingman, a famous international investor and businessman. Dingman got rich when he was hired out of business school to Burnham & Company, a Wall-Street investment firm. From there, he went onto be CEO of Wheelabrator-Frye. He has since gone on to head up numerous firms in energy.

His son, Jamie is reportedly an emerging-markets veteran of his own and has represented his father's interests in China for the past six years. He also has dipped his toes in Russian private equity funds.

He's never been so happy. He and Elin have strong feelings for each other. He's a classic all-American guy. He's handsome, a total gentleman and low-key. He's never been in the press. Elin's a very lucky girl; he's a great guy but very private, a source told The Post.

Allegedly, Dingman is not a golfer.

By now, everyone knows the saga of Nordegren and Woods. The two had what was to be a picture perfect marriage with two kids. However, in late 2009 it came out that Woods was a sex addict and had cheated on Nordegren with numerous women. Woods, the most successful golfer of his era, turned out to be a sexual deviant. Him and Nordegren got divorced.

Since the divorce, Woods has committed himself to becoming a better man. On the field, he has struggled since his marriage collapsed. He has yet to win a major golf tournament and has been injured numerous times.