South Park returned on Wednesday night to satire both Invisible Children's Kony 2012 viral video, Jason Russell's publish meltdown, and the new documentary Bullying in the fifth episode of the show's sixteenth season. While Butter's struggles to confront his bullying grandmother, Stan's rise to fame thanks to an anti-bullying film he writes and directs leads to disastrous but hilarious results. Watch the full episode here.

The episode opens on the boys eating lunch in the school cafeteria, where Cartman is holding forth on the degeneration of popular music. He claims that female singers have gone from writing songs about relationships to simply strumming a guitar and singing about their vajayjays. This insignificant little joke comes back later in the episode.

The story really begins when Butters arrives with a black eye and no lunch money. It's clear that Butters is being bullied but he refuses to rat out the culprit. His friends encourage him to talk to his family about and Butters says he will talk to his grandmother, who is visiting.

At Butters' home we learn that his grandma is in fact his bully. When Butters tell her that he doesn't want to be picked on any more, his grandmother responds, you're grandma's b-tch. Throughout the episode Butters' torture continues. His grandma stabs him with a fork under the dinner table and wipes her boogers in his mashed potatoes. Finally pushed to far, Butters transforms into his super-villain alter-ego, Professor Chaos, but he soon learns that his grandma has transformed herself into a more terrifying super villain. She pins her grandson to the wall, takes out her dentures, and chomps down on his arm with her slimy gums.

Meanwhile at school, Stan takes the role of director and writer for a movie project to expose the dangers of bullying with the support of Bully Buckers, who hopes to make his organization famous with this project. The movie is a music video with the chorus, Let's all get together and make bullying kill itself, and includes Cartman wearing a blonde wig singing about his vajayjay, and Butters naked and inside a glass cube being carried through the school hallway. As Stan's movie takes off and a Hollywood executive offers to buy it, Kyle warns him just make sure you don't end up naked and jacking it in San Diego, comparing Stan to Kony 2012 director Jason Russell.

Stan and Butters appear on television to promote the film and after Dr. Oz pressures Butters to reveal the details of his bullying, Butters snaps and brutally attacks the TV host. Afterwards, Butters goes home and tells his Grandma that he understands the reason she bullies him is because she feels empty inside. He tells her that he still loves her and will care for her until the day she dies.

Meanwhile, Stan's rise to fame is over. At school everyone hates him, and he learns that the Hollywood executive has filed a lawsuit against him. It seems clear that Stan only has one option left. He hops on a plane, flies to San Diego, tours the city and then takes off his clothes and jumps around like Jason Russell, while a trio of singers end the episode with a song presumably titled Jackin' it in San Diego.