George Lucas
George Lucas

According to Paul Bond of the Hollywood Reporter, a publication that covers all things related to Tinseltown, famed film directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas made some disparaging comments about the video game industry.

"Lucas and Spielberg also spoke of vast differences between filmmaking and video games because the latter hasn't been able to tell stories and make consumers care about the characters," Bond said.

If that's the case, why are so many gamers clamoring for "Half-Life 3," a game series that goes back almost 15 years? In fact, why do video game sequels keep getting made if gamers don't care about the characters? Why are there multiple forum posts asking why Deckard Cain, a character from the "Diablo" universe that goes all the way back to the original game's release in 1996, had to die in "Diablo 3," which was released last year?

Better yet, why does Hollywood keep trying to make movies based on video games if video games have nothing to offer in terms of interesting stories or characters? It's not like movies based on video games have done very well on a consistent basis, so why do they keep trying? Hmmmm.

It's these kinds of comments from high-powered people in other fields commenting on something they clearly know little to nothing about that makes us gamers furious and disillusioned with Hollywood, as well as other forms of mainstream media. It's also no wonder that Hollywood could implode, as the two bigshot directors opined in the same article. We have to put up with the same ignorant "analysis" whenever the video game violence debate pops up.

What do you think of the above comments from Steven Spielberg and George Lucas? Do you think they have a point? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.