• Spotify and Riot Games have partnered to create an original "League of Legends" podcast
  • The deal will also include music and playlist "inspired by the gaming community"
  • Spotify has previously purchased Gimlet Media, The Ringer and a deal with WarnerMedia for DC content 

Spotify has signed a multiyear contract with Riot Games, making the music streamer the studio's partner in their ongoing thrust to expand the reach of “League of Legends” to a wider audience.

The deal is a first for Spotify in terms of esports, a multi-million industry that is also making its way to universities to cultivate more athletes. The contract made them Riot Games' exclusive “audio service provider” that will entice new, current and future listeners into the world of LoL.

“Gamers are soundtracking their experiences with audio tracks. There's overlap between audiences, but in the Venn diagram there's white space on both sides,” Spotify global consumer and product marketing head June Sauvaget told Variety.

GEF has the backing of one major game publisher, Tencent, who own Riot Games, the maker of League of Legends famous for holding large tournaments in major arenas around the world
Riot Games is set to announce a new map and its 13th agent in Act 3 of "Valorant." AFP / Lucas BARIOULET

Under the deal, Spotify will take charge in creating “League of Legends”-based content, an original podcast series, music and playlist “inspired by the gaming community,” including “This is League of Legends” and the “Official League of Legends Playlist.” Gamers and fans can also indulge in a behind-the-scenes look on how the Worlds Anthem was created of the World Championships, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The original podcast on the other hand will center on the League's esports journey, top players and personalities and stories. The partnership will likewise give Spotify an in-game banner that will show up in various parts LoL-related esports events. This will enable Spotify to be where their audience is and to “provide audio content that provides value to them,” Sauvaget added, said Variety.

Spotify is aiming to debut the LoL podcast “this year,” said Engadget. This is also part of the company's effort to “diversify” its catalog to go beyond music. Over the past years, Spotify was able to purchase Gimlet Media, an award-winning narrative podcast, as well as sports and pop culture-based podcast, The Ringer.

In June, Spotify and WarnerMedia also inked a multiyear deal for DC content. According to Forbes, the deal will make both parties “collaborate” on new programming from original intellectual property which can include “never-before-heard crossover events” and scripted, narrative shows featuring DC's famed superheroes and villains. Non-DC properties like “Looney Toons” and “Supernatural” are also included in the podcast deal.