Designer Stella McCartney has designed the official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Team GB kit, which was launched on Thursday. However, the British designer is under fire as criticism pours in for her artistic license, lacking the usage of the color red in the Union flag.

McCartney, daughter of Paul McCartney of Beatles fame, teamed up with Adidas to launch the Olympic uniforms, better known as kits, on Thursday at the Tower of London inspired by the Union flag. As is common knowledge, the Union Jack flag has three elements: a red cross for England, a red 'X' for Scotland and a white 'X' for Ireland in addition to the navy blue.

Something that was very important to me was to try and use that very iconic image but to dismantle it and try to soften it, break it down and make it more fashionable in a sense, McCartney said according to the BBC.

However the kit was criticized for being untraditionally British, as the color red has nearly been omitted altogether and is predominately just a blue and white bodice. As the BBC puts it, Some people have criticised the outfits as too blue and looking more Scottish than British.

According to McCartney, the kit was designed for all - 500 Olympic and 350 Paralympic -- British athletes, who participate in over 40 different events, to be united with one 590-piece collection.

I wanted to start with the union flag, but I'm really aware the reds, whites and blues are in other nations' flags and sometimes you can feel quite confused when you are watching the Games... is that American, is that French? McCartney tole the BBC. I wanted to make it slightly more delicate and have more texture.

Many, however, feel that there is no element of unity within her designs.

an absolute disgrace .... you should be ashamed and embarrassed at that abomination ... the GB flag is RED white and blue, NOT blue, grey and blue ... typical self centered artist trying to 'be different' rather than designing for the purpose. Stella McARTney hang your head, wrote one Facebook user on McCartney's page.

McCartney insists, though, that the design is obviously British.

It's very recognisable still, I've represented all the parts of Great Britain. There's a lot of red in there, but in a non-traditional way, she told BBC.

View the slideshow to see photos of Stella McCartney's Olympic designs with Adidas. Do you think the omission of red pushed artistic license too far?