Stephen King
Author Stephen King called President Donald Trump "fake" on Twitter, July 10, 2017. In this photo, Stephen King returns to his seat after receiving the 2014 National Medal of Arts during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., Sept. 10, 2015. Getty Images

Veteran horror author Stephen King has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump. He has slammed the president on Twitter several times since he took office in January.

On Sunday, King referred to Trump’s comments on "fake news," and called him a "fake president."

The president has not commented yet on the author's post. Social media users, however, gave a mixed response to the author's latest remark. Some of them defended Trump and called the tweet "fiction," while others defended the writer.

In March, the horror writer commented on Trump's wiretapping allegations against his predecessor. King took to Twitter to provide his own "conspiracy theories" in a series of tweets in order to mock the president's accusations against former President Barack Obama.

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Inspired by Trump's dramatic narrative in tweets, King created his own theory where he imagined Obama was still hidden somewhere in the White House building even after the new president took office and that the former president not only installed the wiretap in Trump's office personally, but also stole ice cream from the White House.

He capitalized words for emphasis, very similar to what the president does in his tweets. King also included Trump's signature way to sign-off by writing: "SAD!"

The 69-year-old author has been critical of Trump right from the time he was contesting in the presidential elections. King used Twitter extensively to express his opinion on matters such as Trump's travel ban and his never ending conflict with the media. In October, King wrote on his Twitter account he was writing a new horror story in which "there was a man named Donald Trump and he ran for president."

After a few months into Trump's election campaign in August 2015, King compared the president to "Alvin and the Chipmunks."

King called Trump "emotionally unqualified" in January, after the president responded to actor Meryl Streep’s criticism about Trump at the Golden Globes Awards event. Trump took to Twitter to comment on the criticism he faced from the actress and called her "over-rated." Referring to Trump's comment, the acclaimed author said his response was the reason "why most Americans feared his presidency."

Right before Trump's Republican nomination in June 2016, King called Trump a "thin-skinned racist."

The author also commented on the president's mental health in December.

He went on to compare Trump to his predecessor Obama saying the current president has "absolutely no sense of humor."

The author also had something to say about the first week of Trump's presidency. He said it was the "ugliest first week" in the history of America.

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The president did not take the author's critical comments well and blocked him on Twitter in June. The move came after King posted a critical tweet about Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. In an interview, Ivanka said her father had to face a "level of viciousness" since taking office. "My father and this administration intends to be transformative, and we want to do big, bold things," she said.

To this, King responded with a tweet saying: "If Ivanka Trump had grown up in a farm country, like some of us, she’d know her father is reaping exactly what he sowed."