• Letecia Stauch is being charged with first degree murder of her stepson
  • She said he was missing but evidence shows the boy got into her truck but she returned without him
  • The body of Gannon Stauch is yet to be recovered
  • His birth mother Landen Hiott says she will pay one hundred percent

Authorities charged Letecia Stauch with the murder of her eleven-year-old stepson, Gannon Stauch. She was arrested after 8 am on Monday in Myrtle Beach.

Horry County Police and the county sheriff's office were involved during the arrest. The authorities did not give details of where they arrested her.

Stauch is to face charges of first-degree murder of a child under twelve years by a person in a position of trust. She is also going to be charged with child abuse leading to the death and tampering with a deceased body along with evidence.

Gannon's birth mother, Landen Hiott, said during a news conference that he was her hero. She also vehemently added that Stauch would pay one hundred percent for what she did and that Gannon did not deserve any of what happened.

A statement written by Gannon's father was also read during the news conference. In it, he depicted how he was looking forward to the teenage years Gannon would have and the fun they would have before he became a young man.

He also claimed guilt considering his wife was behind bars for the act.

Authorities did state though that they are yet to locate the 11 year Old's body.

Sheriff Bill Elder claimed that investigators are going to remain diligent up to the final prosecution. Currently, Letecia is being held without bond and has been extradited to Colorado.

Stauch had initially reported Gannon as missing and told the police he walked to a friend's house at 3:15 pm on Jan 27 but never came back. She said the police in El Paso; she believed her stepson had been kidnapped.

A video emerged though from a neighbor of the family in Colorado that contradicted her statements.

It appeared to show that the child entered his stepmother's truck and left with her on the day that he went missing. The video also illustrated she was without her stepson by the time she came back home.

A spokesperson for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, Deborah Mynatt, also contradicted Stauch's claims, saying had there been an abduction they would put that information out there.

However, they did not know about any incident, and there was a low likelihood of that having taken place.

Gannon's father added that the person who committed the crime is someone that he gave more to than anyone else on earth. That is a burden that he is going to carry for some time.

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