Chinese company In Icons has released a Steve Jobs action figure for $99 online, and Apple fanboys are jumping on the 12-inch model of the late CEO before Jobs' estate slaps the company with a cease-and-desist letter.

At 1:6 scale, the Steve Jobs doll comes with all the clothes and accessories the real-life Apple founder made familiar, from his black turtleneck and Levis to his New Balance shoes and two pairs of wire-rim glasses.

The Steve Jobs action figure also comes with a stool and a backdrop that reads, One More Thing... as well as two red apples, one with a bite out of it. The (very unofficial) Apple doll also comes in three types of Jobs-esque gestures.

Sadly, Apple products like the mini iPhone aren't included, but the figure (if Apple's lawyers allow it) will be available in February.

In the past, Apple's lawyers have gone after other Jobs figurines, including one, according to the Daily Mail, that depicted him as a ninja to poke fun at his alleged attempt to sneak ninja stars onto a plane.

But so far, the only statement Apple has released has been to note that the Jobs action figure is not authorized by his family.

Mr. Jobs [estate] has not consented to the use of his name and/or image in the product, the tech giant's lawyers said.

One thing is for certain, however: In Icon's Steve Jobs action figure is almost eerily realistic. Check out the miniature Jobs below in his various poses, and see for yourself.

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