If you have been expecting something fresh and extraordinary from GoDaddy after the SOPA backlash, you are in for a disappointment.

GoDaddy, the Web registrar giant, still stinging from the SOPA impact, has leaked its two Super Bowl 2012 ads on YouTube.

Both the Super Bowl 2012 ads have the usual sexy stuff, like the previous year's GoDaddy ads, leaving one wondering when GoDaddy will stop its struggle to convert a not sexy domains registration into a hot and sexy babe.

The domain registrar company had to face its users' ire, after it openly supported the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).

Though GoDaddy is known for its provocative television ads which are more sleazy than creative, this time it was expected that the company might finally come up with some ad that would smooth its battered image.

The first big game ad, named Body Paint, features its spokespersons Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels painting a nude model's body with GoDaddy domain names and messages.

Second spot for the big game, named The Cloud, has Patrick with scantily clad Pussycat dolls. It tells the story of two guys who go to the silver cloud world where the silver clad pussycats reside.

The ads have generated furious comments from the viewers. One user with the YouTube user Skinready wrote: Wow. This is a really stupid ad. I thought you? guys couldn't get any stupider after your offensively sexist ads... then you supported SOPA, and I was, like, there's no way they could get stupider than THAT. Good job, GoDaddy, you've proven me wrong.

Even the Parents Television Council has come heavily on the GoDaddy ads, criticizing the ads for its explicit content as harmful for children's viewing.

1.Body Paint

2. The Cloud