Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, Melissa Benoist as Supergirl
“Supergirl” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said that Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Cat Grant’s (Calista Flockhart) return to National City are two of the show’s “more jarring, surprising moments” in the final two episodes of Season 2. The CW

As fans know by now, Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) are both returning to National City before Season 2 of “Supergirl” ends. But what exactly brings them back to the city?

E! News asked that question during a recent interview with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, and although he was tight-lipped on the reason for Superman and Cat’s return, the executive producer did say that their comeback adds excitement to the last two episodes of the show’s sophomore run.

“I don’t mean to be coy. I don’t want to give too much away,” Kreisberg said when asked to tease the driving forces that bring the Man of Steel and Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) former boss back to National City. “[But] when they both show up, they’re two of our more jarring, surprising moments. [Laughs] So I don’t want to say too much about how they come back, but the show is called ‘Supergirl’ and every character there is to service Kara’s story. They both provide what they’ve always provided for Kara, which is advice and mentorship and support and love.”

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Kreisberg explained that Kara is going to need as much advice as possible because “she’s forced to make several very difficult decisions” in the final two episodes of the season. “Obviously, it’s always exciting to have her fight aliens and perform miracles and catch spaceships and rescue people, but she’s forced to make some of the most difficult decisions she’s ever had to make in both episodes 21 and especially 22,” Kreisberg said. “And every character, including Superman and Cat, are there to provide her with the emotional support to make some of these decisions.”

In a separate interview with Comic Book Resources, Kreisberg revealed how important Superman is in the ultimate battle at the end of the season.

“He’s incredibly crucial,” Kreisberg said, before gushing about Hoechlin’s incarnation of the Man of Steel. “I love Tyler in the part — he’s so good. It’s a bit of a different interpretation of Superman than you’ve seen. In our show, Superman has been [a superhero] for a decade, and he’s pretty comfortable with being Superman. A lot of interpretations are of him getting his start, at the beginning. For us, he’s so comfortable in the role, but the show is called ‘Supergirl,’ so our Superman is here in service of Supergirl. He’s her family. He’s her conscience. He’s her mentor.”

As for what fans can expect from Cat’s return, Kreisberg revealed to E! News that CatCo’s founder has a “great standoff” with Rhea (Teri Hatcher). “[There’s] also [a standoff] between Rhea and Lynda Carter [who plays President Olivia Marsdin],” added Kreisberg. “It’s amazing to me to be on set when you're watching Teri Hatcher, Calista Flockhart and Lynda Carter all yelling at each other. It’s pretty cool. ... In episode 21, you have a scene with Teri Hatcher and Calista Flockhart and Melissa Benoist and Lynda Carter in a script written by Jessica Queller, directed by Millicent Shelton. It really is a woman’s world on this show and we’re so proud to be able to present that.”

As previously reported, Superman returns in Season 2 finale, while Cat comes back in Season 2’s penultimate episode and sticks around until the season ender.

Season 2’s penultimate episode airs on Monday, May 15 at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW, while the season finale airs the following Monday, May 22 in the same time slot.